Salem For Refugees exists to bring people and resources together to empower refugees to thrive in Salem, Oregon.

We are a network of resettlement agencies, faith communities, businesses, non-profits,  government organizations, and community members who want to see all refugees in Salem (our new neighbors) as valued, thriving, contributing members of our community.


Salem For Refugees hosts monthly Welcoming Our New Neighbors Meetings on the first Monday of every month from 12:00pm to 1:30pm at Salem Alliance Church.

These meetings are a great opportunity to stay educated on what is happening with refugee resettlement in Salem, and to engage in welcoming our newest neighbors. All are welcome!

Resource Teams…

…work together to discover, develop, and provide resources for refugees. We have Resource Teams focused on the following areas: Employment, English, Education, Housing, Healthcare, Transportation, Meals, Technology, Legal Services and Interpretive Services. These teams support our new neighbors as they restart their lives in Salem by providing community relationships and resources to help them thrive. We, as the Salem community, want to help our new neighbors feel at home! Get connected with available resources here: Salem For Refugees Resources


Financial Donations…

…are received through our fiscal sponsor, Salem Leadership Foundation. Every dollar you give is used to benefit refugees in the Salem/Keizer area.