Mentor Teams

Join a team to walk alongside a new refugee family as a friend and guide through their resettlement journey:


  • Build a friendship with a refugee family by spending time with them and providing moral support through their transition (ie. home visits, outings, holidays, etc.)
  • Provide practical support by helping the family navigate the new culture, systems and daily living needs of life in America (ie. grocery shopping, money management, transportation, etc.)
  • Teams are comprised of 6-8 people who commit for a minimum of 1 year

Resource Teams

Join a team that develops and provides resources for our new neighbors in the following areas:


  • Employment: Connects refugees with employment opportunities to help them find sustainable jobs.
  • English: Networks ESL programs and volunteers throughout the city to help refugees learn English.
  • Education: Partners with Salem/Keizer Public Schools to help refugees navigate the education system with their children. Provides in-home tutors for children during after-school hours.
  • Healthcare: Helps refugees navigate the medical system and access quality healthcare – includes a focus on mental health for trauma recovery.
  • Housing: Connects refugees with affordable housing throughout Salem/Keizer. Manages the donations of furniture/household items to set up homes.
  • Meals: Provides a monthly meal for refugees and their volunteer teams.
  • Transportation: Provides refugees with resources to access public transportation, bikes, driving lessons, and on-call transportation volunteers.
  • Legal: Helps refugees with legal processes such as family reunification and green card adjustments.
  • Technology Services: Provides refugees with resources for cell phones and computers, as well as training on how to use them.
  • Interpretive Services: Provides language interpretation volunteers for refugee families and their volunteers.

Want to join a team? Send us a message below…